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Post: Repairing Mortar Joints in Lakeview

Sunday August 27, 2017

AAA-1 masons setting up scaffolding and decking

Just a quick post today! We're glad to be back at the Hermitage Court Condominium Association to address some standard masonry issues on this lovely masonry structure in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. These owners are great, easy to work with, and really value the time and attention we spend making their building water tight. (Always nice working with clients who appreciate the quality of what you do!)

In this photo the men are setting up the necessary tubular pipe scaffolding and decking in order to access the third-story face brick mortar joints in need of repair. We'll be back to seal the wall with our 100% silane sealant after our new mortar has completely cured in a week’s time.

Thank you!


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