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Post: Former Dairy Undergoes Masonry Transformation (Part 1)

Tuesday July 14, 2015

This is part one of a two part post. Read the second part here.

AAA-1 masons in a 19th-century former dairy in Carpentersville

The men are very excited to return to Carpentersville to work on another magnificently constructed 19th-century masonry building (this time a former dairy).

At the time this photo was snapped, the owner's demolition crew had already removed the flooring, the mechanicals, the roof and the old-growth roof joists.

The 16"-thick masonry walls were constructed almost entirely with Milwaukee Cream common bricks, which were quite prevalent in this region at the time this 125-year-old structure went up.

To provide a sense of sense of scale, the men have positioned themselves along the perimeter of the space.

Check back over the next few weeks to see more photos documenting the transformation of this former dairy.

Read more about this project, and see "before and after" shots in the second part of this post.

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