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Post: Lincoln Park Residential Restoration

Thursday September 9, 2010

AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing was called to restore the masonry gangway walls of a 100-year-old Lincoln Park single family home. As we often find on structures of this age the bricks here were severely spalled (i.e., delaminated), the mortar joints repaired numerous times with thin (and ineffective) smears of improperly applied mortar, and the fill under the sidewalk had settled unevenly so that the concrete gangway pitched toward the house. (See photo 1.)

And look at the condition of the bricks and mortar joints around that roof drain! (See photo #2.)

Was it any wonder the finished basement chronically flooded?

AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing carefully dismantled the outer wythe of the brick walls and in doing so revealed numerous abandoned chimney flues and windows that the developer covered over. (See photo 3.)

To match the old coal soot-stained Chicago common bricks and mortar remaining on the upper floors of the home, we utilized a darker "clinker" brick and left the texture of the mortar in a rough unfinished condition. (See photos 4 and 5.)

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