How We Work

Our Approach

  • Analyze the problem and determine the source
  • Describe the necessary work, alternative approaches, and costs in writing
  • Suggest preventative measures to add years of life to the masonry and tuckpointing
  • Protect landscaping and site during the scheduled work
  • Perform restoration work thoroughly, efficiently and professionally
  • Do not break from the job until it is completed as promised, weather permitting
  • Remove all debris, sweep entire work area, hose down roofs and walkways
  • Provide warranty for work performed

We work tirelessly to earn your respect and provide real tangible value for your dollars.

Once you discover a problem, please contact us. Meet with one of our seasoned project managers at a pre-arranged time to inspect your structure, identify areas of concern and evaluate the source(s) of your masonry problem.

Don't forget to contact us each spring after the winter's damaging freeze/thaw cycle to inspect your structure free of charge.