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Post: Former Dairy Undergoes Masonry Transformation (Part 2)

Saturday October 31, 2015

This is part two of a two part post. Read the first part here.

Back in July, this former dairy looked like the photo at the topon the left. Three months later, I took another photo of the same area (the "after" photo, at the bottomon the right) I tried to get the men to stand about where they were standing in the "before" photo. They did amazing work on this structure. And with the new roof installed you can barely recognize it!

The men rebuilt the 16"-thick north elevation wall on the left and the west elevation wall directly across from me in their entirety using reclaimed common bricks salvaged from the adjacent vacant building purchased by the owner expressly for this purpose!

The numerous door openings seen in the first photo were removed and converted into window openings. The unattractive in-filled brick arches over the windows were removed and new headers made of re-claimed timbers installed. All of the joist pockets at the very top of the walls were removed and new joist pockets created to accommodate the German-made standing-seam zinc roof ... which we learned comes with a 100-year warranty!

Along the southern wall on the right side of the photo, the men dismantled and rebuilt the upper 6 - 8 feet of wall with reclaimed bricks, and per the owner's instructions left the old parging and paint on the wall.

Even with today's digital technology, my camera cannot properly capture the amazing quality of the light and the sense of soaring space in this portion of the former dairy. Walking into this space overwhelms the senses with good feeling. With the even lighting, the pleasing hue of the sandblasted brick walls, the rhythmic spacing of the oversized windows and the 25'-high ceilings, the space seems to vibrate at the right aesthetic frequency. Mission accomplished!

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