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Since opening our doors for business in 1954, AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing has garnered thousands of rave reviews and testimonials. Here's a small sample. If you want to put our decades of experience to work for you, contact us!

Mary Ross Testimonial Mary Ross Testimonial

Testimonial: My Building's Like New & Water Tight!!

Rob Reese and his team of expert masons assessed the condition of my brick 4 flat building in Elmwood Park. In short order a crew of 5 highly skilled workers came out, did the needed repairs to window lintels and sills and tuck pointed areas on all elevations.

In one day they corrected and repaired my fifty plus year old aging masonry building, making things look like new and more importantly water tight. I no longer worry about the next big rain storm.

Thanks so much to Rob and all the men who were so professional and who were so very nice to me, an eighty-six year who worries about every little thing! They put me at ease and by the way left me without any clean up too. Hats off to AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing, you receive a 5 star rating.

Mary Ross, Elmwood Park, Chicago

Mckinze Casey Testimonial Mckinze Casey Testimonial

Testimonial: We Really Appreciate Your Help!

Thanks Rob! We really appreciate your help and I will be sure to write a note to our entire Sothebys office about how impressed I was with the time you took to evaluate our situation.

Mckinze Casey, Sotheby's International Realty, Chicago

Eric M. Miller Testimonial Eric M. Miller Testimonial

Testimonial: Above and Beyond What We're Accustomed To

Alex went above and beyond what we're accustomed to when getting work done on our building (especially smaller projects) and is a very good representative of your company. We'll continue to use your company for any future needs and recommend it to others when looking for masonry work.

Eric M. Miller, Noble Square, Chicago

Pam Lookatch Testimonial Pam Lookatch Testimonial

Testimonial: Made Our House Look Brand New

Thanks for making our house look brand new!

Pam Lookatch, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Lynise Dziedzic Testimonial Lynise Dziedzic Testimonial

Testimonial: Timely, Friendly, and Accessible

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Andy and Mary from PHG, Galen from Criterium and Dan and his crew from AAA-1 Construction for the successful completion of this part of the masonry project.

A special thanks to Dan and his crew who did quality work in a timely fashion; were friendly and accessible; protected our building and courtyards as much as possible; and cleaned up thoroughly.

Lynise Dziedzic, Treasurer, Sheridan Shore Courts Condominium Association, Chicago

Jerry Warren Testimonial Jerry Warren Testimonial

Testimonial: Great Job With Our Front Entrance

Your team did a great job with our front entrance and my garage has never been this clean.

Jerry Warren, Chicago

T. Sougstad Testimonial T. Sougstad Testimonial

Testimonial: The Fix is Fantastic — Thank You!

There was a lot of rain last night—I would call it a deluge—and there were no leaks. The fix is fantastic. Thank you!

T. Sougstad, Amhurst Lofts, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Katy Flatau Testimonial Katy Flatau Testimonial

Testimonial: A Great Job for a Fair Price

You guys did a great job and for such a fair price (which is so helpful on massive projects like that one).

Katy Flatau, Chicago

Lisa Vasquez Testimonial Lisa Vasquez Testimonial

Testimonial: Very Impressed and Grateful

These men are amazing. I have never seen so much commitment to get a job done. Very impressed and grateful.

Lisa Vasquez, Old Irving Park, Chicago

Therese Buckman Testimonial Therese Buckman Testimonial

Testimonial: Looks Great!

Rob- It looks great!

I am so happy...

Therese Buckman, Chicago

Jennifer Seuring Testimonial Jennifer Seuring Testimonial

Testimonial: Beautiful and Meticulous — Highly Recommend

Alex and his team did an amazing job. The work was beautifully and meticulously done and they matched the brick color very closely to the existing surrounding bricks. In addition, we were in a huge hurry and despite their 4-6 week backlog, they were able to fit us into the schedule right away with an opening that came up. I would highly recommend AAA-1.

Jennifer Seuring, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Walt Cook Testimonial Walt Cook Testimonial

Testimonial: Very Fortunate to Have Met You

Thanks very much for coming out today. As mentioned many times, I feel very fortunate to have met you some years back. You are a man of integrity, and your help on our roof "saved" our building from major issues two winters back.

Walt Cook, Chicago

David Saad Testimonial David Saad Testimonial

Testimonial: Have You Thought About Adding Another "A" to Your Company's Name?

Your crew proved to be a great investment—again. Just as impressive as the quality of your work was the clean-up, and my neighbor is very pleased with the way you respected his property — thank you! Have you thought about adding another “A” to your company’s name?

David Saad, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Carol Shehab Testimonial Carol Shehab Testimonial

Testimonial: How Pleased I Am With Your Work

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am of the work your men did. You were right, it looks great. I can hardly tell where it was done. The wait was worth it.

Carol Shehab, Chicago

MacLean Testimonial MacLean Testimonial

Testimonial: Feel Smarter After Speaking With You

It was a pleasure to see you this Saturday. Thanks for taking the time not only with the inspection but with the explanations. I always feel smarter after having talked with you. I get why masonry is both a science and an art. Looking forward to working with you.

Doug MacLean

J. Wingren Testimonial J. Wingren Testimonial

Testimonial: I Now Know What A Really Well Done Job Looks Like

After doing business with AAA-1 and Rob Reese and his crew — I now know what a really well done job looks like. From beginning to end I felt Rob's crew knew what they were doing and were quality from start to finish. I felt they cared about the end product and took an interest in pointing out issues so I could decide how to handle things.

J. Wingren, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Ashley Ayers Testimonial Ashley Ayers Testimonial

Testimonial: Really Glad We Chose You

I have been very impressed with your guys on site. They get to work right at 7:00, they seem organized and keep things as clean as possible and at the end of the day, really do a great job putting everything away. I'm really glad we chose you to do this scope of work.

Ashley Ayers, Oak Park

J. Cozzi Testimonial J. Cozzi Testimonial

Testimonial: Thank You Again

Just wanted to thank you again for helping me so much yesterday. You were wonderful and I so appreciated your attention and concern and assistance. You are one terrific guy!

J. Cozzi, Oak Park

Dan Hayes Testimonial Dan Hayes Testimonial

Testimonial: Thanks For The Wonderful Service

Thanks for the wonderful service. Your crew did some outstanding work with replacing our interior exposed brick and sanding/treating other problem areas. They were also very courteous and efficient. I will post a recommendation for your firm on Angie's List (where I found your firm) and I've mailed off the balance due for the work. Let me know if you do not receive the check by the end of the week.

Dan Hayes, Chicago

Jon Lind Testimonial Jon Lind Testimonial

Testimonial: I Can't Say Enough

I can't say enough positive things about the work your crew did yesterday. On time, extremely professional and above all else serious craftsmen. Thank you! I look forward to settling the invoice and again am pleased beyond words with how great of a job your guys did.

Jon Lind, Wells Street, Chicago

Victor Armendariz Testimonial Victor Armendariz Testimonial

Testimonial: Clearly Know Their Stuff and How to Treat Customers

We are very pleased with the work done by AAA-1 Masonry and Tuckpointing. Dan from AAA came out within a day or two of the original call in the fall of 2013 to examine the garage. He was very professional and within days provided us with a quote/contract for the project. We were told up front that the season was coming to an end and if they could not start the project before winter set in we would be early in line for spring. As soon as the weather began to warm up in 2014 we were contacted by Dan and told we would be the next project on the list. Within a day a team of about ten guys showed up for the repair. Once the wall was partially taken down it became apparent that in order to do the project correctly we would have to remove more of the wall than originally thought. We were offered the option to go ahead with the original quote which would fix the problem at hand, but opted to make the repairs more permanent by going ahead with the complete project. Dan was very upfront with us throughout the process. The entire project was completed in 4 days (excluding Sunday) even though one of the days was completely rained out. The foreman on the job was extremely competent as were his entire team of workers. Dan appeared on the site numerous times to inspect the work and communicated with us throughout the process.

Victor Armendariz, Bradley Place, Chicago

Linda Orellana Testimonial Linda Orellana Testimonial

Testimonial: Thank You For Your Counsel, Work Ethic, and Generosity

My husband and I hired AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing to restore our front brick parapet wall a few years back and were very pleased with the quality of the work and the professionalism of the men. Our experience rebuilding the side parapet wall this year was equally as pleasant. Robert took the time to educate us about the correct way to rebuild our parapet wall, showed us photos of what he saw during his rooftop inspection, and provided options (and guidance) about how to do the job correctly.

My east wall is sited pretty close to the property line, so the men built very narrow pipe scaffolding towers so as not to damage my neighbor‘s property, and they wrapped their scaffolding in dust-suppressing mesh which everyone appreciated. All of the masonry debris went into a dumpster. and that dumpster was removed the day the job was completed. They even brought their own port-a-potty so as not to be an imposition.

With all aspects of the job, we were very satisfied customers. Thank you, AAA-1 Masonry, for your counsel, work ethic, and generosity.

Linda Orellano Edgewater, Chicago

David Saad Testimonial David Saad Testimonial

Testimonial: Impressed With Your Crew & Work

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your crew and the work they have done at my house. They are very professional and nice and most importantly clean. They left everything exactly the way it was before they moved it. Thanks again for your help!

David Saad, Lincoln Park, Chicago

OTTO Testimonial OTTO Testimonial

Testimonial: These Are No Ordinary Masons!

Your team of modern day craftsmen have taken old craftsmanship and restored it back to beauty. Your team, along with other skilled workers has revitalized this area and the compliments keep pouring in everyday. They are not just ordinary Masons, these guys really put their hearts and souls into this project and the results prove it. Every day they are here they show enthusiasm in their work and the attention to detail that they express is overwhelming. Jan Stasiak is truly a proven leader. He has so much passion about this project it's complimentary. He should truly be recognized for his diligence and commitment to OTTO and the project. He is a pleasure to work alongside with.

Jerry Skowronski, Facility Manager, OTTO Engineering

Limback Testimonial Limback Testimonial

Testimonial: The Results Look Great

Thank you very much for patching around the bricks at the base of my front door where mortar had disintegrated and filling in the four holes next to my side door. The results look great. While this may have seemed like a small trivial job to you, it meant a lot to me.

Robert Limback

O'Connor Testimonial O'Connor Testimonial

Testimonial: Skills, Ability, Experience & Magical Tools

On each person's life journey, moments arise when it becomes appropriate to ask for aid from a wise person in order to overcome the obstacles in the path and continue to move forward. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to you and your dedicated, expert crew of masons for the wide assortment of skills, ability, experience, and magical tools that you individually and collectively possess to successfully manage and complete the brick challenges of my falling apart Franklin Road brick house. Please know that your performance over the past two months reaffirmed my initial, unwavering belief that your team was the right choice to help me accomplish my goal of saving a house otherwise destined for the dust bin.

I ... appreciate that you possessed enough compassion, courage, and inner strength to accept the job and help achieve a positive outcome against the odds! I feel safe, secure, and confident that the biggest, baddest wolf wandering through East Glencoe couldn't possess enough huffing and puffing ability to blow your team's brickwork down!

Susan J. O'Connor, Glencoe, IL

Sue L. Testimonial Sue L. Testimonial

Testimonial: Prompt and Professional

I don't remember exactly how many masons arrived, but there was like a whole army of them, maybe six or seven. They were prompt and professional; the wall looks beautiful. They even brought their own porta potty! They had to remove our downspout in order to access some of the brick, and they did a great job removing and replacing it. After the job was completed, they cleaned everything up perfectly. It took them about a day and a half to do the tuckpointing. Then they returned about a week later to seal the brick. The wall looks beautiful. I cannot see the difference between the wall that was tuckpointed and our neighbor's.

Sue L., The Altgeld Club, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Teolis Testimonial Teolis Testimonial

Brent helped us meet our goal of immediately addressing the weather damaged brick and alerting us of future maintenance needs, always helping us remain within our budget constraints. What impressed me was Brent's knowledge and respect for the integrity of the vintage brick structure, and his commitment to restore and preserve.

The crew that completed the work was amazing! The work area was always organized and clean, and the craftsmanship, absolutely beautiful!

Our request for a more labor-intensive brick pattern for our facade restoration was incorporated without interruption.

Larry Teolis, President, North Kenmore Condominium Association

Kennedy Testimonial Kennedy Testimonial

Testimonial: Residential Brickwork

I want to compliment all your hardworking crew, Andy, the foreman and John for doing such a thorough and good-looking job on my house. The color match of the mortar has dried perfectly and the rebuilt brickwork can't be picked out from the non-restored area. As the work was being done I had several questions with the process and the outcome. Andy, was excellent at answering my questions, explaining the process, and addressing my concerns. My husband and I were impressed with how quickly and professionally the work was done as well as the quality of the work. We were also happily impressed with how well the crew cleaned up the property when they were finished and before they left the site.

I will be giving your company top marks when I do the Angie's list assessment and will happily recommend your firm to any friends and neighbors that need your services. I hope you pass on my compliments to Andy, John and the crew.

Kathleen Kennedy

Claytor Testimonial Claytor Testimonial

Testimonial: We Are All Pleased With Your Work

Just a quick note to say how pleased we all are with your work. The finished product seems great and the color match is outstanding.

Thanks for all of your help!

Timothy Claytor

Patterson Testimonial Patterson Testimonial

Testimonial: Going the Extra Mile

We are very pleased with the work on our house. Thank you and the crew so much. It is a pleasure to deal with a person such as you who really goes the extra mile to satisfy the customers. You were more than fair to us. Please feel free to use us as a reference.

Julie J. Patterson

Rosen Testimonial Rosen Testimonial

Testimonial: We Would Hire You Again

I wish to thank AAA - 1 Masonry & Tuckpointing for its excellent work at 1750 North Wolcott in Chicago. Not only was all of the work completed in a professional and timely manner, but you maintained a superior level of communication with the Board and the Unit Owners. You kept us informed at every step during the project. All of our questions were answered, and all issues were dealt with to our satisfaction. Moreover, as much of the work was necessitated by sporadic leaks that only occurred only under specific conditions, the effectiveness of your work could not be tested except by waiting for those conditions to re-occur. We were impressed by your follow-up, and willingness to come back to make the few adjustments that were needed. I would also like to commend your workers for the care they exercised while doing the portions of the work that had to be done inside Units. We would hire your company again, and we will freely recommend you if asked.

Harold Rosen, President, Signature Lofts Condominium Association

Wetoska Testimonial Wetoska Testimonial

Testimonial: Everything Went Great!

Everything went great!!! The guys did a great job - I can't say enough great things about your crew and how good the house looks. If you ever need a referral let me know.

Katherine Wetoska

Mandelbaum Testimonial Mandelbaum Testimonial

Testimonial: Chimney Tuckpointing

...Thank you for the work your crew performed today. They arrived on time, worked diligently and carefully, and completed the tasks in a professional manner.

John D. Mandelbaum

Kilzer Testimonial Kilzer Testimonial

Testimonial: Fine Work on Our Condo Building

Thank you for the fine work on our Condo building. We are very pleased with the price, the level of professionalism, and service. We will be happy to contact you for any further needs and recommend you to all our neighbors.

Nicholas Kilzer, President, Parkview Byron Condo Association

Jacobson Testimonial Jacobson Testimonial

Testimonial: Quick and Quiet

Thanks for doing the job so quickly, so neatly and so quietly! Had you not told me what day your men would be out we never would have known without looking!

Cynthia Jacobson

Young Testimonial Young Testimonial

Testimonial: Lived Up to Every Promise Made

Your response to our initial concern was exemplary and the work that you have done has certainly exceeded our expectations. You lived up to every promise made in your publicity. We're very happy to have you as part of a group of maintenance companies that we feel we can really depend on.

Ian Young, The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Gouwens Testimonial Gouwens Testimonial

Testimonial: Chronic Roof Leaks

We really appreciate that efficiency and care that your workers gave to our project. I was amazed how well they worked as a team. Most importantly, we're thrilled that our ceiling no longer leaks. This has been a chronic problem that has baffled us for quite some time, so we are most appreciative of Frank's diagnostic skills in this matter.Thanks again for helping us out!

Thomas E. Gouwens, President

Karen Testimonial Karen Testimonial

Testimonial: Tarp Cover

Thank you so much for your reasonable fee when installing a tarp cover on the roof of my apartment building on Adams. This is a difficult time for us financially and I am grateful for your honesty.


Pierre Testimonial Pierre Testimonial

Testimonial: Foundation Repair

...thanks for the great job your crew did on our foundation. The house looks fantastic. Your work, along with the waterproofing drainage tiles another company put in, allowed our basement to stay bone dry during even the recent storms. Most of our neighbors had wet basements.

Daniel Pierre

McGinn Testimonial McGinn Testimonial

Testimonial: Garage Cleaning

...Seriously fine work you did. First time it has been done right in the 6 years we have lived here.

Matt McGinn