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Since opening our doors for business in 1954, AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing has garnered thousands of rave reviews and testimonials. Here's a small sample. If you want to put our decades of experience to work for you, contact us!

E. Downs, President, Cambridge Briar Condominium Assoc. E. Downs, President, Cambridge Briar Condominium Assoc.

Testimonial: Highest Quality Work

"AAA-1 Masonry did exceptional work. Our project manager, Brent, worked tirelessly with our condo board. The project was completed according to our contract and the work was of the highest quality. I can recommend AAA-1 Masonry without hesitation. I would be delighted to speak directly to anyone interested in a reference."

E. Downs, President, Cambridge Briar Condominium Assoc., Lakeview, Chicago

S. Goldenberg, Lakewood Courts Condominium Association S. Goldenberg, Lakewood Courts Condominium Association

Testimonial: We Couldn't Be Happier!

"Thanks for your great work on this job—everything looks terrific, and the work was done better than on time, done neatly, with minimal disruption, and the design of the brick looks phenomenal. We couldn’t be happier and I am so glad we worked with you on this project."

S. Goldenberg, Lakewood Courts Condominium Association, Lakeview, Chicago

N. Schaefer, Jameson Commercial Real Estate N. Schaefer, Jameson Commercial Real Estate

Testimonial: Quick and Painless Condo Restoration

"Thank you for all your work in our building. You have made the process of restoring our condo quick and painless and for that I am extremely thankful... I'll be sure to recommend your services going forward."

N. Schaefer, Jameson Commercial Real Estate, Chicago, Illinois 60610

David Leopold, Old Town, Chicago David Leopold, Old Town, Chicago

Testimonial: Wonderful Work in Short Order

"The work looks GREAT! Incredibly clean site, wonderful work, and astonishing that the crews were able to complete it in such short order before the upcoming marathon. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved."

David Leopold, Old Town, Chicago

Ms. T. Brown Ms. T. Brown

Testimonial: Your Graciousness And Professionalism Was Unmatched

Please tell Rob and your team that your graciousness and professionalism demonstrated during the project (maintaining a clean and orderly work-site, keeping us abreast of the crew’s location, and minimizing the noise level, etc.) was unmatched and deeply appreciated.

Ms. T. Brown, Deputy Director, Family Matters, East Rogers Park, Chicago

Warner Nelson Warner Nelson

Testimonial: Proud of Your Work

I am proud of the work that your men are doing, and we agree your approach is the best path forward.

Warner Nelson, Owner, Nelson Roofing, Chicago, Illinois

John Clark John Clark

Testimonial: Love Your Website - A BS Free Zone

I love your website and the great information on it; a BS free zone.

Thanks again for the website and for sharing your expertise.

(I live in NC)

John Clark, North Carolina

Janet Dembski Janet Dembski

Testimonial: Thank You for Your Integrity and Conscientiousness

Mark and I couldn't be happier with the work done by AAA-1. In fact, our entire experience was rather like a fairytale. We appreciate your exceptional expertise, and thank you for your integrity and conscientiousness.”

Janet Dembski, Chicago, Illinois

Karrie Hamstra-Wright Testimonial Karrie Hamstra-Wright Testimonial

Testimonial: Exceptional Work! You Were Such a Pleasure to Work With

Thank you for your high quality work and character! You made a long and very nerve-wracking process as easy and understandable as possible. Your work is exceptional, and you were such a pleasure to work with. Many thanks!

Karrie Hamstra-Wright

Johnny Knight Testimonial Johnny Knight Testimonial

Testimonial: Good to Have You in Our Corner

Thank you so much! You are incredibly kind. You do such good work, and you're generous with your time on top of that. Really good to know we have you in our corner.

Johnny Knight, Oak Park

Bryan McCarley Testimonial Bryan McCarley Testimonial

Testimonial: Work Looks Great!

Work looks great at the building Rob! Please tell your guys things look great, and we appreciate their hard work!

Bryan McCarley, Assistant Vice President - First Community Management

Jeff Oechel Testimonial Jeff Oechel Testimonial

Testimonial: You Are One Contractor I Will Always Trust

I have dealt with many contractors, or folks who claim to be contractors, over my years. You are one of two that I will always trust. I was always at ease with the decisions made. That's hard to do. It is always great talking with you. I know I will be using you again.

Jeff Oechel, Old Town, Chicago

Brenda Teaster Testimonial Brenda Teaster Testimonial

Testimonial: I Learn Something New Every Time I Speak with You!

As always, I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday, and I continue to feel that I learn something new every time I speak with you! Thank you.

Brenda Teaster, Hyde Park, Chicago

Aimee Michel Testimonial Aimee Michel Testimonial

Testimonial: We Are in Good Hands

Thank you so much Rob for your continued and thorough communication. We are in good hands.

Aimee Michel, Community Manager, First Community Management, Chicago

Sarra and Jennifer Mullen Testimonial Sarra and Jennifer Mullen Testimonial

Testimonial: You Have a Very Talented and Professional Team

The work Mark and crew did was excellent. Better than I imagined. You have a very talented and professional team. Please give Mark and his team my regards.

Sarra and Jennifer Mullen, Chicago