Masonry Cleaning

AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing staff specialize in the cleaning of brick, stone, concrete, and terra cotta. This includes the removal of surface debris such as dirt, carbon, mold, algae, paint, and graffiti. Our crews make a special effort to properly prepare the work site prior to cleaning by protecting windows, doors and landscaping as much as possible.

Chemical Cleaning

There are many suitable cleaning agents available depending on the particular problem. Once the correct solution is selected, it is either rolled or sprayed upon the substrate, allowed to set up, and rinsed off. Chemical cleaning does not strip the exterior skin of the brick like sandblasting, so the appearance and integrity of the masonry is maintained.

Power Washing

Power washing uses high pressure water spray to remove stains, algae, mold, dirt, grime and other pollutants.

The use of water alone to clean your masonry can be an effective means of improving the visual appeal of your facade. In addition, it also allows us to determine the true condition of the mortar joints. (Loose or poorly applied mortar cannot remain adhered to the wall during a standard power washing job.)

Click below to see the remarkable difference our power washing makes on an older masonry facade in the Lake View neighborhood of Chicago.

If stains are more stubborn, we might elect to wash the wall using near-boiling water or first apply a masonry detergent to lift the stains prior to washing.

Let our staff evaluate your current masonry’s condition and suggest the solution which best meets your building’s needs.


Sandblasting is a relatively inexpensive, effective method to remove surface contaminants. Unfortunately, it is very messy. Worse yet it blasts away the bricks' surface, which then no longer has sufficient protection for water.

However, there are circumstances when sandblasting is appropriate and preferred. For example, sandblasted interior walls give a space a very appealing industrial look. And certain stubborn stains can be removed more completely by sandblasting rather than power washing.

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