Grinding and Tuckpointing

Maintaining sound mortar joints is critical to the health of every masonry building.

Over time, mortar joints crack, erode and weather due to swings in temperature, chronic water saturation from wind-driven rain, defects in the roof system and de-icing salts. Defective mortar joints allow water to infiltrate the wall cavity and hasten the deterioration of the bricks.

Typically damaged mortar joints are ground out using machine grinders with vacuum attachments and tuckpointed (i.e., filled with new mortar). The mortar profile is tooled to provide an appealing look, and the wall may be washed with a detergent as well in order to provide a finished appearance.

The longevity of your grinding and tuckpointing project depends on several factors including the depth of the grinding performed by the mason, the quality of the mortar used to tuckpoint the ground out areas, and the ambient temperature when the work was performed. We monitor all of these factors (and more) to make your project structurally sound and beautiful to view.

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