Brick Rebuilding

When bricks are severely effloresced, spalled or otherwise severely damaged, then the bricks may need to be replaced. If large sections of walls are wavy or tipping, efflorescing or spalling, then chances are good the conditions have gone unnoticed for many years or an inadequate repair was performed.

Parapet Rebuilding & Repair

The masonry wall above the roofline is typically referred to as the parapet wall.

Parapet walls provide protection from roof falls, add strength and stability to the masonry structure, and usually contain aesthetically pleasing designs, patterns or metal cornices.

Because they are located at the very top of masonry structures and both their roof side and exterior side are exposed to the elements, parapet walls take a lot of abuse from the weather and tend to deteriorate faster than masonry found in other areas.

Because parapet walls can be difficult to see or access, most owners, administrators and property managers do not realize their parapet walls are in need of service. Shifted capstones, loose coping tiles, brick and mortar debris on the ground, and water damage along the top-floor ceilings are all indications that the parapet wall needs immediate attention. AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing is well-versed in parapet wall restorations whether it is a 120-year-old building with watertable stones and dentil detail or a split-face concrete block structure with engineered stone accents.

Chimney Rebuilding & Repair

Due to their difficult-to-reach location and relentless exposure to the elements, chimneys receive a lot of abuse which often goes unnoticed.

During the winter months ambient air temperatures can dip below 0° F. while the temperature of the exhaust gas flowing through the chimney shaft from your wood burning fireplace or gas furnace can exceed 200° F.

Extreme temperature variations really stress masonry materials and can lead to cracked or failing chimney caps, loose or spalled bricks, and defective or missing mortar joints. Water, snow and sleet can penetrate these cracks and voids in the skin of the chimney, freeze and thaw repeatedly, and further damage your masonry. If left unchecked any of these conditions can spell disaster for your masonry chimney.

AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing will not only diagnose your chimney issues, but explain in clear language how best to correct the condition(s) that led to the problem in the first place. Your work is guaranteed in writing to perform as you would expect from the leader in masonry restoration work.

In the accompanying photo, an articulated boom lift helped surmount access issues due to this Lake Forest home's numerous rooflines.

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