Top Notch Materials, Top Notch Work

Since opening our doors for business in 1954, AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing has garnered thousands of rave reviews and testimonials. Here's a small sample. If you want to put our decades of experience to work for you, contact us!

Jason S., Chicago Jason S., Chicago

Testimonial: Top Notch Materials, Top Notch Work

"My property management company uses AAA-1 for all our larger jobs, specifically Frank. They use top notch materials and do top notch work, with excellent fit and finish. Our roofer even commented that they do the best work. If you're looking for cheap and dirty fix this may not be the company for you but if you're looking to treat your masonry buildings correctly and hope to get another 100+ years out of them then Frank is your guy."

Jason S., Chicago

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